This page contains information about the WC7I repeater.

As of March 2009, we are back on the air !

This repeater has been temporarily out of service. The City of Lacey was rebuilding the whole site and thought this repeater would be up and working by Sept 2007. Well, not quite. The repeater is back up as of March 2009, only 17 months after their prediction, and the site is still not completed.

During the time the repeater was down, it was purchased by Larry Watkinson, KC7CKO. As the new owner Larry, with the help of Brian K5IN, have been responsible for the re-installation of the repeater at the water tower. Their attention to detail and desire to get things done correctly have resulted in a fantastic installation that looks good and works quite well.

Larry KC7CKO has asked to continue using the WC7I call sign for this repeater, and I have given him permission to do that. I will continue to be a control operator, but not an owner.

The locaton is about 2 and 1/8 miles North of Hawks Prarie resturant (on I-5 at mile marker 111) on Marvin Road, North of the Target round-about.
4040 Marvin Road NE ( Do not write to this address.)
Olympia, Washington USA

Map coordinates
Latitude =
47.0898 degrees North or
47 Degrees 5 Minutes 23 Seconds North Latitude

Longitude = -122.7795 Degrees West or
122 Degrees 46 Minutes 46 Seconds West Longitude

Ground elevation is about 230 feet above sea level.
Elevation of Antenna is 80 feet above the ground on the Hawks Prarie water tower.
230 Feet + 80 Feet = about 310 Feet above Sea Level.

Frequency = 146.800 MHz and 442.475 MHz

Output Power
Output Power 146.800 MHz = 20 Watts
Output Power 442.475 MHz = 10 Watts

The Controller
The Controller is a Link Communications RLC-2, that uses RLC-2 software version 4.30.
It was born November 15, 2000 at 899 Parkway Lane in Billings, Montana, 59101-4652.
It was purchased by, and sent to, Dave W. Johnston (N7HWI) who at that time lived at 4420 14th Ave SE in Lacey WA. 98503.
Dave gave the controller to Steve (WC7I) so Steve would finally have a real controller for the WC7I repeater. Dave deserves a thousand thank-you's for that gift.

The Autopatch
The autopatch does not work at this time (March 2009) because the original telephone lines were removed in the rebuilding process and left off the master plan. A phone line is on site, but the connection will have to be made by RF instead of using a wire connection. This RF conection will be a future project.

Controller Codes
2 meter to 440 inter-connect.

Cross Connect ON = 225
Cross Connect OFF = 226

Please feel free to turn the cross connect ON or OFF as you wish.
Please leave it in the ON position after you are finished using the repeater.